Kitten Baby Pictures

Brutus -- learning how to eat

Brutus and Fiorella's mom was a feral cat who delivered her kittens in our garage, then got sick and disappeared the day she gave birth to them--in 1995. We listened to the kittens cry for a day, figuring that the instinct to take care of her babies would bring mama cat back when she felt better. But the kittens' mewing was pitiful. We knew momma cat was sick when she staggered away from the kittens the day before, so after waiting 24 hours, we gave up hoping for her to return, and knew we'd better give those babies something to eat if they were going to survive. We brought them into the house and fed them kitten milk replacer out of a doll's bottle. They loved it--every 4 hours--for weeks. They've been inside cats ever since. Although Brutus has been heavier (he had a "chubby" adolescent period), today he is a lean 30-inch, 20-pound sleek golden ball of affection. Fiorella is fluffy, purrs like a tractor, and is almost as big. They imprinted on us, think they are people, still 'nurse' Robert's shirt pocket every night, and won't let us out of their sight.

Brutus and Fiorella -- learning how to crawl

Brutus and Fiorella -- learning how to use a litter pan

(well, they ARE pretty tiny to be 'toilet trained' --

and a pie pan full of litter makes a nice napping place)

Brutus and Fiorella -- practicing how to look cute
on top of their 'fancy' cardboard condo

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