Jamie and Alisha

with their Wedding Party

Riding on Flint's Fire Truck from Church to Reception
8/8/98 - Nantucket, MA

Wedding party aboard Flint's fire truck - credit BOSTON GLOBE

Stuff about Grover (the fire truck):

It's a 1927 American LaFrance Quadruple Combination City Service Ladder Truck, serial Number 6079, manufactured in Elmira, New York, for The Nantucket Fire Department. It served the Island from 1927 to 1960, when it was retired and sold by sealed bid to Flint. The truck was restored in 1964-65. The original wooden ladders are still aboard, and the rotary gear pump can produce 600 gallons per minute. "Grover" leads the annual Nantucket Daffodil Parade, and it has won the July 4th Main Street water fight every year since the tradition began in 1982.

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